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Best computer mice for every type of user – Source

Ah, the underappreciated computer mouse. Even in the age of trackpads and touchscreens, it remains one of the most important tools in your work repertoire.

Whether you’re looking for a new mouse to replace your daily driver or something for a more specific function, here’s a shortlist of great options. Some ground rules: I chose wireless mice that are compatible across major operating systems. Some ship with an optional wireless connector that plugs into a USB port, but all offer direct Bluetooth connections for maximum compatibility and minimal fuss.

Great for everyday use: Logitech MX Master Series

If you’re just here because you’re looking for a new mouse, this is the one.

The Logitech MX Master series–currently buoyed by the $99 MX Master 3—is a near-perfect combination of comfort, price, and features.

Yes, at $100, it’s not cheap. But if your work requires a lot of mousing, it’s worth the coin. There’s even a Mac-specific version, which features Apple-specific…

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