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Best free PowerPoint alternatives – Source

When it comes to presentations, PowerPoint is a mighty beast. The gold standard for armies of salespeople and marketing professionals with laser pointers and slide clickers, it carries a corporate-level price tag. And while free, often web-based alternatives exist, the truly no-cost versions are generally extremely limited.

However, there are a handful of free, downloadable, PowerPoint-like presentation tools that you can use to make your next presentation great. Each has its trade-offs, but they all get the job done. And—hey—the price is right.

Keynote: a no-brainer for Mac users

Apple’s house-built Keynote software is easy to learn, not insanely difficult to master, and at the end of the day, produces good-looking presentations. What more could you ask for? Well, the main drawback here, of course, is that it’s only available for Apple’s own hardware. If you find yourself in that camp, though, it’s a free download for all your Cupertino-designed devices. There are plenty…

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