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Best MacBook Pro alternatives for 2020 – Source CNET Computer News

As much as some of us may deride the MacBook Pro‘s awful keyboard, annoying Touch Bar and over-reliance on USB-C connections, its balance of screen quality, weight, battery life and performance had no Windows-based peer devices for a long time. But now that OLED displays are beginning to hit the market that balance is tipping a little. OLED delivers true blacks, which means high contrast, as well as a wide gamut and HDR that can rival or outperform the MacBook’s Retina Display.

The 16-inch update to the MacBook Pro changes things up a bit; it’s still the size of the 15-inch, but slightly heavier, and ditches the butterfly-switch keyboard in favor of a slightly better scissor-switch-based one. However, it’s basically the same, still with no 4K options. On the other hand, like its predecessors, its performance still beats…

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Source CNET Computer News

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