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Best pre-Black Friday deals – Source

Back in my day, Black Friday was an actual day. The Friday after Thanksgiving! Those of us who wanted to score a $99 TV rolled ourselves out of bed and into a freezing cold car—all before sunrise.

Then we’d wait outside—in the cold, remember —at the end of a big, long line of other foolish humans. All this was happening on pavement in front of a building made with bricks.

At some point, an underpaid retail worker would unlock the doors far earlier than usual, we’d all rush in like honeybees crawling over a discarded apple and, if we were lucky, grab one of the five $99 TVs before someone else did.

Times have certainly changed. You kids have it easy: Black Friday now lasts at least a month and you don’t have to leave your house to brave any maniacal crowds.

As a venerable cheapskate, reformed gadget blogger, and constant deal hunter, I humbly present to you what I believe to be the best tech deal from each of the major retailers. The only rule is that the products must be…

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