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Celebrating Smart Risks: Building an innovative culture – Source

On this episode, Julianne Pepitone sits down for a second conversation with GSK’s Chief Scientific Officer Hal Barron. People might think innovation in pharma is measured only in output (like the awaited vaccine). But to Hal, increasingly the innovation in pharma is also the process itself.



Bold and smart, it’s what everyone wants to be. It’s hard to put into practice when truly transforming your industry requires taking a leap. Hal, how do you define a smart risk, especially in your industry where what you’re making involves people’s health and safety?


People don’t always notice this, but 90% of medicines that enter clinical testing at some point fail. But sometimes you can see through your analytics that certain molecules might have a higher than 10% and they might help more people. And then there’s others that might be even more likely to work, but help very few people. So it’s not just about whether…

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