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‘Con Alma’ album and TV show overcome coronavirus challenges – Source

This Sunday, a pair of musical collaborators are set to debut a televised performance of an album created during and inspired by the isolation of the coronavirus pandemic.

Composer Paola Prestini, based in New York, and singer-songwriter Magos Herrera, currently in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, created the album, titled Con Alma, while separated due to virus-related restrictions. And the performance, including live and prerecorded material, will be aired on New York public broadcaster WNET’s All Arts TV channel and website, as well as on Mexican public media. The event is a kind of quarantine-era version of an album release concert and, fittingly, is set to be coordinated via Zoom by a team including director Ashley Tata.

Paola Prestini (left) and Magos Herrera (right) [Photos: Caroline Tompkins (Prestini); Adrien Tillman (Herrera)]

“I’ve been involved in some real-life events that are around a new album, a musician’s release of work in real life, so this feels like an…

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