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Conversations leaders should have before the end of the year – Source

Do you remember the conversation that convinced you to accept your current role? When your hiring manager described expectations, why they wanted to hire you specifically, and the vision for your growth and development? You learned how they believed in you and what they felt you would bring to the role. The conversation left you feeling valued, supported, understood, and seen. Your acceptance was a direct result of buying into this vision described for you. 

Now imagine that your year-end performance management conversation had the same tone. Instead of spending 5 minutes discussing strengths and 45 minutes focused on development areas, what if a leader were to set out to rehire you in the conversation? Not just looking backward, but describing your opportunities for growth and development, laying out the path forward, and what you would bring to the work. 

It’s tempting to think of year-end conversations as a formality or a check-the-box exercise—especially in years that feel…

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