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Coronavirus has us working from home, and that’s good – Source

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, the conversation around remote work has been growing. It started with companies encouraging employees to stay at home. Within two weeks most companies, especially in tech, were mandating employees to work remotely and to suspend any business travel.

Right now, the boom in remote work is due to social distancing, the necessity for people to keep their distance from each other to slow down the advance of the coronavirus.

But there are many other positive impacts from remote work beyond just not catching a virus. Working from home cuts commute time, which is often wasted time. It’s green, since it reduces the fossil fuel burn and carbon release of car commutes. It erases the high cost of business travel.

Remote work can benefit businesses in other valuable ways. It can improve diversity. Any major company, especially in tech, will tell you that one of its top business concerns is a lack of talent. Attracting and retaining good people is…

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