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Coronavirus robocalls are spamming our phones every day – Source

The average American already receives about 325 unwanted robocalls a year, research says. And now, many of those robocalls aim to capitalize on people’s coronavirus fears.

The phone-spam-blocking app YouMail recently told The Washington Post’s Tony Romm that a million coronavirus robocalls have been going out daily for the past few weeks. Many of these robocalls are highly suspect, as scammers try to scare the people on the other end of the line into parting with personal information or money. It’s yet another way that bad actors are trying to take advantage of people during the international crisis.

Transaction Network Services told Politico that one scammer sent out half a million robocalls about how coronavirus could impact student loans. Another robocall, which went out to people in the Los Angeles area, was offering “safety and medical kits.”

Nomorobo, which sells a robocall blocking app, says it has detected calls that claim to be from the “United States Department…

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