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Crisis Text Line report reveals words that signal suicide – Source

A new report from Crisis Text Line, a text-based suicide hotline, highlights the key words that indicate a person is at high risk of suicide—and they’re not what you would think.

America is suffering from a rise in suicide. In 2018, over 48,000 people died of suicide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Crisis hotlines and text lines have an opportunity to step in when someone is having a moment of crisis and give them hope. Since launching in 2013, Crisis Text Line has fielded 129 million messages.

“When we say to people, guess what our high risk words are, most people say ‘help,’ or ‘sad,’ or ‘desperate’—they say words that are about the awful feeling,” says Nancy Lublin, who founded Crisis Text Line. “But actually the words you should look for are the words that are the mode of attempting this terrible thing.”

So what words tell suicide crisis workers that a person is in deep need of help? “Excedrin,” “Ibuprofens,”…

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