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Cult clothing brand Pangaia branches out with a new line of superfood – Source

Since launching three years ago, Pangaia has created ink out of air pollution, vegan leather out of grapes, down jackets stuffed with wildflowers, and fabric made from food waste. Along the way, the clothing brand has become an influencer favorite, with its signature oversized tracksuit sets seen across Instagram.

Now, it’s expanding its lineup to include products you can actually eat, with the launch of Pangaia Health.

[Photo: courtesy Pangaia]

The first product is a superfood bar that the company claims is carbon-neutral and sustainably packaged. Its ingredients include prickly pear, goji berry, sprouted red quinoa, and coconut. Currently, the bars–which cost $35 for a pack of seven–are sold through the company’s website. Eventually, Pangaia plans to expand into more food categories.

Just as the brand’s clothing arm partners with different research facilities, Pangaia Health works with scientists, farmers, nutritionists, and others in the culinary space to create their…

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