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Top benefits of a multilingual LMS for your organisation – Source Moodle Community News

As organisations expand their businesses and workforces globally, their Learning and Development programs have to cater to employees from different parts of the world, who speak different languages. And even if there is a common language used for internal communication, providing employees with training in their own language can have a much bigger impact both in the workforce and the organisation. Here’s where a multilingual Learning Management System can make a big difference for an organisation; let’s have a look at how.

What is a multilingual Learning Management System?

A multilingual LMS is a learning platform that supports more than one language and allows users to select the language they want to learn in. This includes the learning materials, but also a localised user interface that supports different languages, date formats, measurements or currency. A multilingual LMS provides an overall consistent and clear learning experience for your teams in their preferred…

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