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Cyberpunk pulled from PS store, Roku welcomes HBO Max – Video – Source CNET Tech

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The company behind the video game Cyberpunk 2077, is offering refunds to players that are disappointed in the game’s low quality buggy experience on ps4 and Xbox One.
The game developer is also pledging to fix bugs and crashes in upcoming patches.
Sony went a step further removing the game from its digital store in response to its reception.
There’s no immediate word when the game will return to the store, but physical copies will still be available.
Roku and HBO max have reached a deal for Roku is popular lineup of streaming devices to support HBO, Max’s app.
This is after a month long standoff.
The development will give millions of people the option to easily stream movies like Wonder Woman 1984 coming this Christmas.
Earlier HBO max announced that all the Warner Brothers 2021 movies will stream on HBO…

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