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The 15 best productivity apps of 2020 – Source

1. A vocal cord

Texting is impersonal. Video chat, invasive. Maybe what we need is good old-fashioned voicemail. Yac lets you leave voice messages that teammates can listen to any- time on a computer or phone. You can also add a screen share, in case you need a visual aid. [Windows, Mac, iOS, Android]

[Illustration: Ksusha Itwazcool]

2. Real-life “Do Not Disturb” mode

Announcing to your partner or roommates that you need privacy can seem a little confrontational. Oh Bother lets you set boundaries in a subtler way; the app signals whether or not you’re okay with being disturbed. [iOS]

3. A credible Chrome rival

Microsoft Edge blocks trackers, by default, from sites you haven’t visited, and offers even stricter tracking protection as an option. Based on the same source code as Chrome, it supports the same extensions. [Windows, Mac, iOS, Android]

4. A simpler note catcher

Tot is a great place to stash ideas in a hurry, thanks to its minimalism—just seven color-coded scratchpads and…

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