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Cyberwar from Ukraine crisis could spread to U.S. – Source

The cyberwar aspect of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may be just beginning.

Russia’s campaign may be the century’s first major example of multifaceted war, or “360 War” as the Pentagon has called it. In that kind of war, “kinetic” weapons—such as guns, bombs, and planes—are just one part of a strategy in which tools like disinformation, bioweapons, and cyberwarfare also play important roles.

In Ukraine, the “soft” warfare part of the campaign continues to intensify. Russian military has unleashed a flurry of cyberattacks that have taken Ukrainian websites offline and compromised hundreds of computers. The cyberattacks probably began long before the first Russian tanks crossed the border into Ukraine this week, experts say.

While the Russian military assembled its troops and gear along the Ukrainian border, experts believe it was very likely planting malicious code within the networks of Ukrainian organizations, which it could simply “turn on” after the ground…

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