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Here’s which tech companies have—and haven’t—banned Russia’s state-sponsored RT media app Motorola’s new Cherokee support is abo… – Source

Microsoft, Google, Meta, and Roku are among those who have cut off access to the Kremlin-backed news app.

The smartphone maker is giving its Android devices a Cherokee interface—and it digitized and open-sourced a library of 130,000 Cherokee words along the way.

As telehealth companies get ready for a post-COVID-19 world, online pharmacy Ro sees big opportunities in an array of reproductive health services.

Users who might be targeted via social media can use special tools to lock their Facebook accounts and keep their friends’ lists hidden.

The CEO of Storyblocks discusses three considerations for companies that want to compete in this immersive new world—one of which is to spread the wealth.

Chrome Remote Desktop is a fast and reliable way to use your computer from afar.

New limited series about tech unicorns with ousted CEOs still venerate the founder role, if not these particular founders.

How the $18 billion e-commerce MVP is now using trading cards, NFTs, and betting…

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