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Dapper Labs launches UFC NFT collectible series – Source

UFC fans who have enviously watched basketball fans jump into the nonfungible token (NFT) frenzy via NBA Top Shot—the massively popular blockchain app that allows basketball buffs to buy, trade, and sell NFT “Moments” of, say, a LeBron James dunk—are about to get their own dose of Web3 fun. 

On Sunday, Dapper Labs, the Vancouver-based company behind NBA Top Shot, is launching UFC Strike, a similar experience built around digital collectibles—in this case, highlight “Moments” of such UFC stars as Francis Ngannou, Amanda Nunes, and Kamaru Usman in mixed-martial-arts action. A major difference, though, is that UFC Strike Moments will have audio folded into the video clips, something that is not available on NBA Top Shot. 

[Photo: courtesy of UFC]

“When you’re watching the (UFC) broadcast, you can hear the commentator, the crowd noise, and sometimes the athletes and coaches,” says Tracey Bleczinski, head of consumer products for the UFC, who believes this will be a…

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