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DeepWell is using video games to treat health conditions – Source

Video games catch a lot of flack from critics who say the medium can be harmful to players. But the science on that claim is murky, at best. Now, one of the video game industry’s veteran executives is teaming with a medical device expert to make games that are specifically designed to help treat health conditions.

DeepWell Digital Therapeutics, which launched Tuesday, plans to make video games that both entertain and provide treatment for a variety of issues, including mental health, one of the fastest growing areas of concern for health professionals, especially among children and teens.

Mental health is where we intend to focus, and one of many underserved areas of healthcare where video games can have a major impact,” cofounder Ryan Douglas tells Fast Company. “Games both provide a level of engagement and an actual therapeutic enhancement for mental health treatment. They open people up to think and act in a different way through self-actualization, biofeedback, agency,…

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