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Despite the rise of remote work, tech hubs are here to stay – Source fastcompany.com

With the pandemic reshaping the way we work, many articles predict the demise of cities as startup hubs and promote the ascendancy of remote (and rural) tech capitals. While the technology-enabled exodus to remote workforces has been a blessing for companies operating under COVID-19 restrictions—and dramatically increased opportunities for disabled workers—don’t rush to that tiny rural town too soon. The attractions of cities are less enticing during a lockdown, to be sure. But in the long-term, metropolitan areas offer advantages that can’t be duplicated in fully remote settings.

The diversity of cities provides fertile ground for connecting with people who share similar passions and interests. Whatever your preference, whether personal or professional, cities have a large population of others who can spark and nurture creativity and innovation.

The suburban flight we saw in the 1950s and ’60s has reversed, led by younger people who value the amenities and attractions of…

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