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Easy to repair, subpar battery life – Source

One of the most remarkable things about the Framework laptop isn’t merely the device itself, but the marketplace that comes with it.

Visit Framework’s online storefront, and you’ll find a sprawling array of replacement parts for sale, from screens and batteries to fans and speakers, along with upgradable storage and RAM. The Framework laptop is easy to pry open, and QR codes on each component lead to instructions on swapping them out. Having one place to buy all of those parts is refreshing, and shows that Framework is serious about long-term upgrades and repairs.

All of this would be for naught if the laptop itself weren’t any good, but Framework’s first product proves that easy repair doesn’t have to come at huge costs. It’s a slick laptop with a beautiful screen, comfy keyboard, and silky-smooth trackpad, and its modular port system is downright clever.

The screen is just one of the Framework components that’s designed to be easy to swap in and out. [Photo: courtesy…

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