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Epic Games v. Apple: Trial preview – Video – Source CNET Tech

Epic Games versus Apple, the trial starts on May 3rd.
So here’s a quick recap to bring you up to speed and give you a lay of the land, if you will, as we roll into one of the biggest cases in tech antitrust history.
So back in summer of 2020 Epic pushed an update to its game fortnight with a surprise feature, if you will, the ability to buy its in game currency vbox directly from Epic, and the company offered a discount for buying directly through that, although an alternative payment method conveniently circumvented Apple’s 30% App Store commission.
Obviously, Apple did not like that, said epic was, in violation of App Store rules, and pulled fortnight, from that digital marketplace.
Now epic knew that would happen so shortly after fortnight was yanked.
Epic slapped Apple with a huge lawsuit and launched a massive PR campaign, that included.
Parody on Apple’s…

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