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EU warns telcos against throttling content providers – Source Reuters Tech News

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Commission on Thursday warned Europe’s telecoms providers against blocking content providers as they try to ease the strain on their networks caused by house-bound Europeans teleworking or video streaming due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The telecoms industry, from world No. 2 mobile operator Vodafone to Deutsche Telekom, has in recent days reported a spike in data traffic on networks as thousands of people switched to home working or watch endless videos.

Telecoms providers can take measures to prevent gridlock for as long as necessary but must not block, slow down or prioritize traffic, the EU executive said, citing EU rules called open internet access or net neutrality rules.

“Operators are authorized to apply exceptional traffic management measures, inter alia, to prevent impending network congestion and to mitigate the effects of exceptional or temporary network congestion,” the Commission said in a joint statement with the Body of…

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Source Reuters Tech News

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