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Even female doctors suffer from the gender pay gap – Source

Differences in how women and men get paid in the U.S. abound across sectors. While certain economists have suggested that the wage gap is attributable to women working fewer hours than men, recent studies have found more nuances in the differences between the way men and women work that may lead to a discrepancy in pay. A new study out of Harvard shows that in the world of medicine, female doctors are sacrificing pay to spend more time with patients.

The study, titled “Physician Work Hours and the Gender Pay Gap,” found that male primary care doctors generated nearly 11% more revenue from office visits in 2017 than their female counterparts. The reason for the discrepancy seems to be that women in primary care took on fewer patient visits and spent more time with their patients—a style of working that the medical industry agrees is better for both patients and doctors. Unfortunately, that way of working comes at a price.

Primary care physicians who are employed by a health…

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