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From the game room to the classroom—and the boardroom – Source

When MSI recently unveiled several new lines of general-purpose laptops, it turned more than a few industry-savvy heads. This was MSI, widely acknowledged as making some of the world’s best gaming computers, the kind of finely tuned, high-performance machines that often require liquid cooling to tame the high temperatures generated by a boxful of blazing-fast chips being pushed to their limit—and whose notoriously spec-obsessed users argue about millisecond-response times. So why is MSI making computers targeting…students and office workers?

According to Clifford Chun, MSI’s product management director for system products in North America, it’s due to a wealth of research data, along with the inexorable march of time. “We’re constantly studying our customer base, asking questions to better understand what’s going on,” he explains. “As our users got older, their computer habits changed—there was a big and predicable shift in how much time they spent on work…

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