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Get the most out of your tech gifts – Video – Source CNET Tech

This is c/net and we’re here to help you out with a gift you’ve received.
If you’ve got an iPhone running the latest iOS you have lots and lots of customizing, you can do.
Check out widgets for your home screen.
Google has a bunch so you can get glanceable information without even opening an app.
If you’re enjoying the new iPhone 12 Pro Max and its camera Right.
Try out the telephoto lens.
It is the longest telephoto lens on any iPhone and can get closer to subjects than before, perhaps you’ve got a brand new Sony, PlayStation five.
Do yourself a favor.
And start tinkering with your settings.
You can determine what information gets shared about you in the privacy settings under the users and Accounts tab.
You can also control how much power the PS five uses.
Finally, For your games, you’ve got to choose between performance and resolution.
You can pick smoother…

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