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Google’s new Nest Hub adds sleep tracking – Source fastcompany.com

Google is announcing a second edition of its Nest Hub smart screen. The most flashy upgrade? Sleep tracking.

The new Nest Hub will be available for preorder on March 16 and on shelves on March 30 for $100. It will come in four colors (chalk, charcoal, a bluey mist, and a reddish sand). Among the other updates will be a new machine-learning chip, so it can better remember your various gestures and favorite commands, and a third microphone, so it can hear you shouting across the room. And it will come with support for Thread, a protocol that will one day make Nest Hub interoperable with devices from Amazon, Apple, and other smart-home players. But today’s announcement is really about sleep.

The Nest Hub launched in 2018 as the Google Home Hub and was rebranded the following year. It’s tried to stand apart from competitors such as Amazon’s Echo Show and Facebook’s Portal by being ultra-useful. Its most beloved feature is that it can conjure recipes (and really any tutorial) on…

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