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Great apps for saving money during the holidays – Source

Get those wallets ready: The holidays are fast approaching. But as long as you’re grabbing your wallet, take out your smartphone, too. These helpful apps let you save better, shop smarter, and do more with less.

Pay it off over time

You’ve got a lot of stuff to buy inside a tiny window of time. Instead of putting everything on a credit card and dealing with it after the holidays, check out Afterpay. The service is supported by a bunch of retailers and splits each purchase into four interest-free payments to be made over a six-week period.

If you’re shopping online, look for the Afterpay option at checkout. If you’re shopping in person, you can add Afterpay as an option to your Apple Wallet, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay apps. At the time of purchase, you’ll make the first of the four payments, with the remaining three payments to be deducted every two weeks for the next month and a half.

Protect yourself against price drops

You know that feeling when you pay full price for…

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