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MIT/Harvard spinout QuEra unveils 256 qubit quantum computer – Source

Quantum computing has been a science project for a long time. But in 2021 the technology is beginning to reach beyond the capabilities of classical supercomputers. That’s mainly because science is getting better at controlling and harnessing the atomic-scale qubits that are the basic units of logic in quantum processors.

Research breakthroughs in this area at MIT and Harvard form the basis for a new Boston-based quantum startup called QuEra Computing, which is emerging from stealth with $17 million in venture capital behind it. The company recently received a research award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and says it’s already generated $11 million in revenue.

QuEra uses a unique quantum architecture and laser techniques to arrange and direct the tiny qubits in its 256-qubit system. Doing so is no easy feat. Qubits, which are atomic particles made from superconductive materials such as niobium or ytterbium, are temperamental and unpredictable, which…

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