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Hackers in Belarus are helping Ukraine take on Putin – Source

As thousands of civilians risk their lives to resist a Russian onslaught, a global group of cyber guerillas have joined the fray too. They’ve disabled Kremlin-backed websites, leaked personal data, exposed disinformation, hijacked TV signals, and even hobbled infrastructure. One early and ongoing attack, launched in January, disabled the internal systems of a train network in Belarus, a country of 9 million people that’s sandwiched between Russia and Ukraine and has long been under the Kremlin’s grip. During the Ukraine war, Belarus has become a staging ground for airstrikes and tens of thousands of Russian troops, and there’s speculation that the Kremlin has enlisted the help of the Belarusian military, too.

The railway attacks, which reportedly ruined digital reservations and scheduling and possibly hobbled Russian troops’ ability to move through the country, was the work of the Cyber Partisans, a group of tech industry veterans from Belarus trying to tear down the…

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