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Bobbie raised $50 million to bring its baby formula to the U.S. – Source

With an ongoing shortage of infant formula leaving some parents frustrated and out of options, there’s at least a sliver of promising news: Infant formula startup Bobbie just raised $50 million dollars to bring its European-style infant formula to the U.S. market.

Founded in 2018 by Laura Modi and Sarah Hardy, Bobbie touts itself as a more holistic alternative to the major brands. Modi, now the CEO of Bobbie, says the idea for the company came when she was breastfeeding her daughter, during which time she grew more concerned with the presence and level of corn syrup in U.S. infant formulas. “I never considered that I would fail at it, but several days into having her, I’m standing in a pharmacy, and I’m choosing a product that left me guilty,” she says. So began the journey to develop her own formula, one that forgoes corn syrup in favor of organic milk.

Cofounder and CEO Laura Modi (left) and cofounder and COO Sarah Hardy  [Photo: courtesy of Bobbie]

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