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Adobe says it’s time to get ‘metaverse-ready’ – Source

It shouldn’t come as a tremendous surprise that Adobe would like to be a leading purveyor of tools for creating content for the metaverse. It’s a reasonable enough aspiration for the company, given its nearly 40-year-history as a kingpin of software used for generating imagery and experiences, from the printed page to the web and beyond.

There’s just one catch: The metaverse doesn’t exist yet. And in its fullest sense, it can’t—not until the tech industry coalesces around open standards for creating shared, immersive worlds. That’s not even considering that we could be years away from the day when there are affordable, comfortable, power-efficient metaverse-enabled goggles that hundreds of millions of people will happily wear.

Still, when the metaverse arrives—let’s assume for the moment that it will someday—it won’t represent anything entirely unprecedented. Instead, it will lash together aspects of technologies that are already very much with us, including…

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