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Heyday productivity app connects Google and other apps – Source

It seems like every other week lately, we see some new app or other that promises to revolutionize the way we organize our lives. And I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to salivating over high-potential (alleged) organizational miracles.

The problem, though, is that adopting most of these apps is an organizational obligation in and of itself. You have to import your info, learn a whole new system, and devote tons of time to perfecting your fancy new framework—setting up the structure, filing stuff into appropriate folders or tags, and whatever else the service requires for reaching that elusive state of organizational nirvana.

Heyday is different. The new service, created by a pair of pals named Sam and Samiur, aims to act as your info-organizing assistant—without ever demanding any deliberate effort on your part. It simply shows up alongside whatever material you’re viewing at any given moment and gives you an intelligent overview of related info you’ve looked at…

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