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High-fives, hugs, kisses discouraged as U.S. companies respond to growing coronavirus threat – Source Reuters Tech News

(Reuters) – As news broke of more cases of coronavirus spreading across the United States, T-Mobile had a novel response to the threat: fewer hugs, kisses or high-fives.

Vehicle Maintenance Utility Service Worker Thiphavanh ‘Loui’ Thepvongsa wipes down an off-duty bus with a disinfectant during a routine cleaning at the King County Metro Atlantic and Central Base in Seattle, Washington, U.S. March 2, 2020. REUTERS/Jason Redmond

The Bellevue, Washington-based wireless provider is “encouraging personal distancing at work” – and has “all sorts of sanitation products readily available,” according to the company (TMUS.O).

Elsewhere, U.S. companies are embracing new ways to protect their employees. Hollywood executives are reconsidering red carpet premiers; CNN head Jeff Zucker is personally reviewing intercontinental travel.

Facebook Inc (FB.O) is going so far as to take the “social” out of social media and has banned non-business visitors to its offices.

Across the U.S….

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Source Reuters Tech News

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