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Hoffman-backed Alloy plans to transfer tools to Civitech – Source

Alloy, the would-be Democratic voter data juggernaut backed by LinkedIn billionaire Reid Hoffman, says it intends to transfer the majority of the technology it developed to Civitech, another progressive get-out-the-vote tools provider.

Alloy launched in February 2020 with lofty ambitions to build a bigger and better voter data repository for Democratic candidates and causes. But the startup announced on November 20—less than a year from its coming-out—that it would be winding down operations in 2021.

In Democratic circles, there was a perception that Alloy—flush with Silicon Valley cash, talent, and ethos—believed it could solve Democrats’ most serious voter data challenges, and a concern that Alloy intended to own and control the party’s voter data. This distrust and suspicion may have been a key factor in Alloy’s decision to cease operations next year.

Alloy and Civitech have signed a nonbinding letter of intent, but many of the details, including financial terms, are…

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