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How a virtual workout buddy can help you get fit in 2021 – Source

Sales of exercise gear and technology-based fitness tools have exploded in the U.S. as people try to maintain their workout regimens without going to the gym.

Purchases range from simple dumbbells and outdoor bicycles to internet-connected devices such as the Peloton stationary bike or the Tonal digital weight machine. There are exercise video games such as Nintendo’s Wii Fit and PS-2’s Eye Toy: Kinetic; wearable technology such as Fitbits or Apple Watches; and mobile apps such as Strava. People are even using platforms such as Zoom or Skype to connect with a personal trainer.

These connected fitness tools bring together your exercise workouts and your digital life. As researchers in the field of kinesiology, we’ve studied the effects of connected fitness on motivation and fitness outcomes. If you’re looking for ways to beef up your fitness during pandemic-related downtime or to replace a pre-COVID-19 exercise routine, one of these tech-enabled items may work for you.


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