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Why red states like Texas threaten Silicon Valley’s supremacy – Source

As tech behemoths like Tesla, Oracle and HP and Wall Street giants like Goldman Sachs and Carl Icahn decamp San Francisco and New York City for Texas and Florida, there’s an emerging class of cities quietly benefiting from playing the politics of the left and the right at the same time: blue cities in red states.

Austin is the perfect example. Austin’s metro area has been the nation’s fastest growing for the past eight years. Every major tech company imaginable from Apple to Google, Cisco to Intel, Amazon to Facebook has operations in Austin. The allure is obvious: Austin is a fun, politically progressive city with a lot to do, great culture, great weather (except in the summer) and a thriving academic and entrepreneurial community. Of course tech companies want to be there.

But there’s something else that’s an even stronger draw: Texas has no state income tax. And because Texas prioritizes job creation over social or income equality, it imposes far fewer regulations on…

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