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How AI researchers use ‘Minecraft’ to simulate biology – Source fastcompany.com

When a group of AI researchers started using Minecraft to simulate cellular growth, even they were startled by the sophistication of the structures—such as a jungle temple with a fully-functioning arrow trap—they were able to create.

Their goal was to build complex Minecraft structures by having each block learn to communicate with the ones around it, mimicking how the human body develops from a single cell in a process called morphogenesis. That model worked out even better than they anticipated, with one block growing into exactly the kinds of objects it was trained to create. In addition to the jungle temple, the system generated immaculate castles, stylish apartments, and even a caterpillar that regenerates after being cut in half.

Sebastian Risi, an AI researcher at IT University Copenhagen, says this work could be a foundation for more ambitious projects to come, including a version of Minecraft that simulates evolution. He conducted the research along with his ITU…

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