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Microsoft acquiring Discord would be a huge bet on gaming – Source fastcompany.com

While Zoom has become the be-all and end-all of staying connected over the past year, for gamers the first point of call has been Discord.

This free voice, video, and text communication service may not have stolen headlines like Zoom, but the platform has seen user growth surge over the last year. Now, it has around 150 million users relying on the service to chat, meet, share, and play games.

This growth appears to have caught the eye of Microsoft, with recent reports suggesting that it is interested in acquiring Discord for the colossal price of nearly $10 billion.

Assessing the interest

The driving force behind Microsoft’s interest in Discord may be that it would increase the company’s exposure to the global gaming market. Although Discord is not a developer or a platform where people directly play games, the service has become a central social hub for millions of gamers.

If the acquisition occurs, Microsoft will likely seek to embed Discord and its millions of active users into…

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