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How Democrats can convince voters to oppose Trump – Source

Democrats are thinking hard about how to talk to the American public about the impeachment of Donald Trump, even with the Senate set to vote against removing him this week. There’s still a lot of talking to the public left to do, as the process of electing a new president–or re-electing an old one–began (rockily) this week in Iowa. A San Francisco data science firm with a unique way of collecting voter opinion believes it has found the answer to that question.

The firm, Swayable, works for progressive candidates, groups, and causes to test and hone the messaging in their video ads to influence the greatest number of people. It’s one of a new wave of data science startups using tech to get at authentic voter reactions in a world where people shun phone and text surveys.

The company is even careful about how they find people to sample on social media. One of its founders, James Slezak, told me that people who self-select to take surveys on social media often carry torches for…

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