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How former Labor Secretary Robert Reich got TikTok-famous – Source

Robert Reich is getting TikTok famous.

Closing in on half a million followers, the 75-year-old Clinton-era Labor secretary and current Berkeley professor is an unlikely figure on the short-attention-span video platform, which is designed for younger users and thrives on trends, memes, inside jokes, and dance moves du jour. And that’s part of the reason it works for Reich. He embraces the platform and all its quirks. He dances. He clowns. He duets with other TikTok-ers. The effect is often funny, and the funny seems to smooth the way for the more serious political and policy messages being delivered through the mouth of a truly authoritative figure.

I follow Reich on TikTok myself, and after seeing a number of his videos I began to wonder how a 75-year-old ex-Labor secretary could seem like such a natural on this very 21st-century platform. So I asked him.

How did you get interested in doing TikTok videos?

The context here is that my son Sam runs a company called CollegeHumor, so he…

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