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How Microsoft re-created the original Olympics – Source

A website and mobile app enables anyone to take a virtual guided tour through 27 sites such as the ancient Olympic Stadium, a gymnasium where athletes trained, and temples devoted to the Greek gods Hera and Zeus. The basic models of the buildings were constructed using hundreds of thousands of images taken with traditional cameras and drones and stitched together using AI technology, according to Microsoft. The models were then enhanced using information from archaeological research to help viewers understand what the sites would have looked like at the time.

[Animation: Microsoft]

“This contributes to the research and documentation of monuments [and] supports the tourism and extroversion of the country as a modern and strong democracy with a long historical and cultural past and unquestionable development dynamics,” Lina Mendoni, Greece’s minister of culture and sports, said in a statement.

One digital tour option allows viewers to step through the…

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