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How shadowbanning makes Black transgender women invisible – Source

As a Black transgender woman, it is hard to imagine my life without social media. It was essential for me to live my truth. It provided connection with others like me near and far. It remains a space where individuals who are isolated physically can find meaning by linking with a wider community. Right now, queer youth, especially trans youth, need these vital bonds, which are often easier to form virtually.

But in their current, unchecked incarnations, these platforms—especially Facebook and, increasingly, Instagram and YouTube—are becoming dangerous places for trans people. That’s because there is a mounting right-wing takeover of these vehicles and what appears to be a corresponding crackdown, whereby algorithms circumscribe the reach of trans-friendly content. The deluge of posts and messages that attack the humanity of transgender people put us at risk, especially the youngest members of our community. According to the Trevor Project, negative online environments can…

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