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How to check if your data was compromised – Source

For the second time in less than two years, Marriott says it’s been hacked.

Personal information for “up to approximately 5.2 million guests” was compromised this time around, the hotel giant announced this week. Exposed details include guests’ names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, loyalty account numbers, and room preferences. The information was accessed starting in the middle of January 2020 through an app used internally “to help provide services to guests,” according to the chain’s announcement. So far, no information about the hacker has been shared publicly.

Compared to the 500 million customers hit at the end of 2018, when Marriott’s Starwood reservation database was breached, this hack appears to be far less devastating. Likewise, in the latest breach, the exposed details do not appear to include credit card information, passwords, or PINs, Marriott says.

However, the “investigation is ongoing,” according to the hotel chain. That means the figures…

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