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How to choose the right outdoor security camera for you – Video – Source CNET Tech

There are several great brands of outdoor security cameras that you can install yourself, but before you click by, there are some things to consider.
The first decision to make is where do you want the cameras?
Perhaps you just need porch security, then a video doorbell camera like the $230.
Tilo might be enough for you.
Or maybe you just need one camera to monitor a driveway or back gate.
But if you’re looking to monitor your entire house, you might want a complete system that can be connected through the same app.
Try the Arlo Pro 3, $500 for a set of two.
You also need to consider how you’re going to power the camera, hardwired plugged into an outlet, battery or even solar You could find great options for every type of installation but you need to factor in the cameras placement and how easy it will be to replace batteries or have a would be crook unplug….

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