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How to decide if returning to a former employer is the right choice – Source

Unlike Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, most people don’t go back to their exes, unless they are teenagers. But what about returning to an ex-employer? Intuitively, this seems like a bad idea. After all, company cultures take a long time to change (two to five years, on average), so if you felt the urge to leave a job—or got fired—why on earth would you want to return?

Things are a little more complicated than that.

First, people often quit jobs based on other opportunities that emerge, and those opportunities may end up being far less attractive than they appeared to be. 

Second, it takes time to figure out what you really want in your career. In fact, as we mature and evolve not just as professionals, but also as humans, we refine our understanding of what really matters to us, what’s important, and what we truly want to prioritize in life. As a common example, consider someone who quits their job because they are tempted by a higher salary, only to discover that the extra…

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