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How to get around Facebook’s ban of Australian news – Source

Facebook users are currently caught in a fight between the social network and the Australian government over the sharing of news on tech platforms.

On Wednesday, Facebook banned users in Australia from sharing links to any local or international news stories, blocked Australian news publishers from sharing their own stories, and prevented users worldwide from sharing news articles published in Australia. The drastic move is a response to the Australian government’s Media Bargaining code, which tries to counter tech giants’ decimation of the news business by making Google and Facebook share some revenue with local news publishers.

[Screenshot: Jared Newman]

The move by Facebook has sparked an international backlash, with one MP in the United Kingdom calling it “one of the most idiotic but also deeply disturbing corporate moves of our lifetimes.” Amnesty International Australia campaigner Tim O’Connor said that allowing one company to dominate the information ecosystem…

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