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How to make virtual preschool work Amazon adds in-store pickup… – Source CNET Internet News

Two moms started a virtual preschool during the pandemic to address the problems of remote learning in early education. The co-creators of BümoBrain explain how the program is different and share what they’ve learned to make virtual preschool work.

You can get gifts delivered to Amazon Books stores or Amazon 4-star locations.

Shop deals early before Black Friday gets here this Thanksgiving season.

Walmart advertises a free 15-day trial of its delivery service, but you can double that in just a few minutes.

The social network says its automated tools are improving, but it’s still under pressure to do more to tackle harmful content.

Looking to maximize security and anonymity online? Of course you are. A virtual private network can help.

Starlink is SpaceX’s attempt to provide internet access to the world by deploying thousands of satellites. We explain what to expect from Starlink’s early internet services, and what a massive increase in the number of satellites might mean for the future…

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