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How to manage too many tabs on Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox – Source

Sometimes maintaining a tidy web browser is just a matter of putting your tabs in the right place.

While there are lots of heavyweight tools you can use to keep your browser tabs in order, from extensions such as Workona and Motion to alternative browsers such as Sidekick and Vivaldi, you can also rely on much simpler methods of organization that don’t involve installing new software. Just knowing how to sort and save your tabs can work wonders for staying organized.

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a sea of open browser tabs and wondering what to do with them all, here are some tricks that can help:

Group tasks into windows

The easiest way to avoid having too many browser tabs mashed together is to use multiple windows for separate tasks, each with their own sets of tabs. You might, for instance, have one window for email and other communications, one window for work-related research, and one more for personal uses like shopping or streaming music. By sorting everything…

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