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Robosen K1 robot can flip, fight, and get funky to teach programming – Video – Source CNET Tech

This is the K One Interstellar robot.
Hey K One.
I’m here
Say hello
Hello, I am K One.
This is a programmable robot.
Action established, start programming.
You’re getting ahead of yourself here.
This is a robot that you can program and it also answers to voice commands and has 17 different servo motors.
So it’s got some serious moves.
Do you know kung fu?
To control it, I have to use its app.
The app is for Android and Apple.
So there are a few ways to play on the app to learn programming in different ways.
The whole idea is that it’s gets you curious.
It gets you tinkering.
And the more you poke around, the more you learn it’s really basic or advanced, depending on how far you want to go with it.
Or you could just use it as a remote control.
Like I could just move them up and down go this way, little shuffle…

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