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How to prepare for a successful job interview – Source

You’re midway through an interview for a promotion you want, and it’s all going well. But suddenly, the interviewer asks you a question that you can’t answer. Your heart sinks, and you start talking without knowing how you’re going to finish the sentence. You don’t need to see the interviewer’s face to see that you’re handling this question poorly.

The way you respond to questions in an interview can make or break your chances of getting a promotion or a new job. It’s common for interviewers to ask difficult questions—not because they want to trip you up, but because they want to see how well you perform under pressure and whether you can think on your feet. The more you prepare, the less nervous you’ll be, and the more confident you’ll feel and sound.

Follow these six steps below to ace your next interview—tricky questions included.

1. Gather information

Your first step should be to gather information about the role. This way, you can predict the questions that…

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